Jakben Ayukas


Name: Jakben Ayukas (Jak)



Jak was born in the lawless rookeries of Greymark to poor, working parents. The son of a fishmonger, he spent his youth on the streets, avoiding the watch and becoming entangled in the ‘street rat’ youth gangs of the area, filching from the market and picking pockets. When his parents were taken by pox, the gangs became his home and livelihood. As a young man, he began to perform jobs for minor criminal syndicates, burglarizing shops on the north end and working with other guilders to take larger prizes. With part of his take, he began to organize the rat gangs himself, teaching the poor and abandoned children how to survive in a harsh city life. When a watch raid scattered the lesser syndicate he was affiliated with Jak fled the city, fearing his name to be leaked by a prisoner. Drifting between urban centers, he became a freelance thief, making due where he could get by under the notice of local criminal guilds. Eventually he came into work as a bounty hunter, contracting himself to those syndicates or private individuals who needed someone brought back. Taking both dead or alive contracts, he took the guise of an unarmed commoner to approach targets before employing hidden weaponry. The pay was generous enough, but the potential for unwanted attention kept him moving.


Jak is unremarkable, except for his furtive eyes. He cultivates the appearance of a porter or craftsman in order to avoid attention, both from bounties and lawmen. However he tends to glare at others and glance over them, lending an impression of spite which often hampers his social interactions. One poorly kept dagger carried at the belt suggests a presumption of security, but anyone disarming him of that blade would find themselves taken in by his ploy. Under a cheap linen overshirt and burlap trousers, Jak carries an arsenal of knives secreted about his person. Surprising a foe by drawing these and throwing them at a distance, his tactic is to end a fight before the opponent is aware of one.


Jakben is a man foremost of practicality. His ethos is one of firstly surviving to the next day, and secondly having the most to show for it possible. Coming up from poor circumstances, he believes that moral absolutes fail in the face of harsh realities. As a result of this, he often sees the world as dog-eat-dog, although feels his own behavior can be a little better than that. He tends to be selfish in his actions, but fair in his interactions. He is prone to episodes of generosity when struck, but will next enrich himself at another’s expense. He is a pantheist, worshiping Fharlanghn foremost as the diety of those who travel, and those who consequently skip town and aren’t jailed. He pays homage to Obad-Hai as well, since the Green Man’s teachings of nature’s way supports his own best-man-wins outlook. Like many theives, he prays to the Laughing Rogue for luck on his jobs, and, just enough to get by, he sends a thought to Nerull as The Reaper before fulfilling a wanted-dead contract.

Jakben Ayukas

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