Eliana Meral

A favored soul of Corellon Larethian.


Eliana Meral, the Blessed

Character sheet.

Alignment and Deity, Languages

Chaotic Good, Corellon Larethian
Common, Elven, Sylvan


A short female Half-elf with hazel eyes and wavy honey-colored hair. Her skin is pale and blushed.

She is left handed.


Exceptionally fair in appearance and strong in will. She is weaker than the average adventurer but makes up for this with her spirit but sometimes she feels lost.




A shortish lass, with the fairest skin and gleaming hazel eyes. Her hair is cut to her shoulders, a decent length and rippled by waves. It is a mild coppery blonde or honey with a tone almost divine. From looking at its lustre the devout of Heironeous may be lead to think of the meersalm, but most give it no mind.

The elves suspect she may be human, but the humans are certain she is an elf. Keen eyes would say that she has perhaps inherited the best qualities of both; the youth of her face almost tainted by the gaze of those with ill-heart.

It seems as though she struggles to carry her heavy pack, yet she moves with a grace that is almost unshackled. It is like the Elysian thrush, flying high in the air, or a Griffon carrying the weight of a rider. The thrush sings and appears naive and hasty, its will swinging in a pendulum from left to right… and gradually from front to back in all manner of directions and possibilities that are difficult to track.

But in its aftermath, there is a feeling of ease. The burdens of the mind are lifted and suddenly set free. It is peaceful. The songbird cries out.

As she leaves the tavern the sounds suddenly flare up once more, as if in heavy downpour. The absence of her grace and kindness suddenly exacerbates the squalor of the cobblestone floor. It leaves a slightly lost feeling in the air. Regardless, this brief intermission in will certainly have left a mark for it is not every day that a man beholds one that was favored at birth.

Sometimes, when thoughts are calmed, all that remains is a faint desire to seek her out once more.


To the eye of the beholder her presence is uncanny. Her words lilt with grace and compassion. Perhaps, in her heart, she is torn by the wanderlust of her Elven cousins.

Notable possessions

Common clothes, basic (various)

Typical garb worn by a commoner within towns or cities.
These common clothes include cloth pants (dull red), linen chemise (white), stockings (black), and leather boots (black).

Holy symbol, chained (silver, Heirloom)

A holy symbol to Corellon Larethian, the leader of the elven pantheon. The symbol is in the shape of his sigil, a silver star.
This holy symbol is fashioned to a small silver chain such that it can be worn around the neck.
This used to belong to her mother.

The Book of the Code, small (Heirloom)

A small and lightly bound book outlining the Heironean Code with examples of how one is expected to follow it.
This used to belong to her father.
It looks like most of the pages were torn out.

Writings of the Wanderer, scroll (Heirloom)

A small and ornate azure tube, covered in stars of every colour, encloses this old scroll. It is written in Elven but is difficult to read.
With several passages, it tells the tale of an old elf that wandered the stars.
This used to belong to her mother.


The illegitimate child of Roman Meral and the deceased Ellenwen May.
Her father was a low-ranked noble and commander of the Order of the Golden Light.
Her mother was a commoner, now deceased, the cause of death suspicious.

She was born and raised at Whitewatch.

As her father’s only child, despite the circumstances of her birth, she was given rights to bear his surname but was not entitled to succession, titles, precedence, or entailed property.

After her birth she was entrusted to Jonas Lebellan, the Glorious, a priest of Heironeous who served under the Order. During her childhood she befriended Dianthus Moren, a young elf, servant of the temple and her only friend through difficult years.

She appeared to have been blessed – a favoured soul – and the clergy of the Order soon recognised her divine gifts. She was allowed to study within the temple as a Blessed until she grew of age, but her uncanny presence and innate divine aura caused other priests to avoid her. The fact she was clearly part-elf also lead her to be estranged by her human brethren.

She was frequently struck by visions which she believed to be prophetic in nature.

Cast out as a loner from the temple and no longer welcome at Whitewatch, she left to follow her own path in service of her deity.


Date Unknown
Started her adventure.

Eliana Meral

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