Aeryn Drevin'an

Female CN Spellcasty Person


Character Sheet
Arcane Spells

Aeryn is a tall, black-haired woman, unremarkably dressed in drab colors. She is certainly not unattractive, although she is far from being a world-class beauty. There is a certain exotic cast to her features – the shape of her eyes and her nose – that you cannot quite place.


Aeryn claims to be the adoptive daughter and apprentice to Drevin Linras, an elvish wizard of some repute, in the elvish kingdoms. Having no family name of her own, she has taken the name Drevin’an – “child of Drevin” – as her family name.

Due to some discontent owing to her poor treatment of various minor nobles, she left the elvish lands recently, with her adoptive father’s blessing, to seek her fortunes in the western human kingdoms.

Aeryn Drevin'an

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