Kazek the Scout



THEME SONG: Tell It By Heart


DESCRIPTION: A short, green-scaled kobold. His eyes are red and slightly jagged ridges extend from his spine and along his snout. A pair of leathery dragon-like wings sprout from his back.

PERSONALITY: Attentive and obedient; he likes to follow orders. Unfortunately, he is absent-minded, and sometimes forgets what he is doing.

TRAITS: His attentive nature has led to him being very keen-eyed and aware of his surroundings.

FLAWS: His obedient nature leaves him eager to please and may be easily tricked.




Kazek was a trapper and scout for his kobold tribe. He duties consisted of prowling the forests around his tribe’s cave and checking/setting traps to catch animals for food.

A traditional kobold favors mining or trapmaking, or perhaps both; Kazek, however, took a shine to trapmaking at an early age, and is always interesting in examining new traps. His interest in the mechanical components of traps lead to him making his very own crossbow by sheer brilliance; one that he still wields to this day.

One day when Kazek was out resetting animal traps, he was struck by a poisoned arrow and knocked unconscious. He awoke several hours later, severely weakened, yet still alive, and struggled to crawl back to the cave of his tribe. What he found there filled him with utter dismay; the cave was silent and smelled of blood. He found his tribe slaughtered, women and children shown no mercy, and his very own hatchlings crushed inside their eggs.

Driven by vengeance, he scavenged basic healing herbs and searched for the fresh tracks of the attackers; he found them and followed them deep into the cave to the treasure hoard, which was stripped bare of all his tribe’s valuables and heirlooms that had been collected through the generations. Enraged by this revelation that his tribe and history had been erased, he used his scouting abilities to follow the tracks left by the invaders in a quest for revenge.

He found them; a dwarf, an elf, and a human, fast asleep in the middle of the night at a campsite, adorned with the stolen treasure. The keen ears of the elf archer did not hear Kazek coming and he was struck down where he stood sentry; the two others, fast asleep and unaware of their companion’s demise, were easy prey for the vengeful scout.

Unable to return all the treasures back to his tribe’s cave, he mournfully buried them beneath the campsite of the adventurers that he had slain, hoping that nobody else will try to take the hoard.

And now he wanders…

Kazek the Scout

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